Yollies is a completely unique and innovative yoghurt lolly for kids.

Client: Yollies
Since: 2012

Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, WordPress CMS, Mobile, UX/UI, Consulting

Not too long after we started working with the team over at Attack A Snak that the new team for Yollies reached out to us to help them launch their own standalone brand site that, up until now had been hidden as a subsidiary product under the Cheestrings UK and Ireland website.

Similarly to the Attack A Snak brand the new Yollies website would be a blank slate for us to work with. Once we had completed our initial fact finding and requests with the Yollies team members it was clear that the success of design, development, and delivery of the Cheestrings and Attack A Snak websites would be employed to get the Yollies brand up and running and from under the shadow of its older sibling Cheestrings.

“An online presence that accurately reflects the brand and its product range”

We began by once again building a solid foundation for the brands’ digital presence using our pre-existing WordPress framework to aid in rapid design and development iterations and to ultimately keep costs and timelines to a minimum.

During the setup process we set up a hierarchal list of services to allow for rapid expansion of the brand should the Yollies team wish to expand into new territories or countries.

We use a system that allows for the Yollies team members to grant access to other users and team members to review analytical data as well as partner media companies to upload new videos to the brand YouTube channel, all the while leaving the Yollies brand manager in complete control of how, when and where users are allowed in the Yollies content.

We ensured that the foundations for the site were set up to handle and market growth and/or additional content to be added to the site. As with the other Kerry Food clients we manage, the platform allows for rapid development of Games, Promotions, and Competitions.


A stunning standalone site that captured the essence of the re-launched product

A new website that reflects the positioning and culture of the brand

Highlight nutritional information to parents

Optimised user experience across both desktop and mobile devices

Ability to update site content quickly through a CMS

A rich and engaging user experience across all devices


Clean, fresh, stylish look

A visual and interactive design

Increased traffic

An online brand presence in-line with the core ethos of the company

A mobile-friendly, fully responsive design

A flexible Content Management System tailored to the clients requirements

Attack A Snak

We’ve been working along side the Cheestrings team for the last 4 years helping the grow and develop their online presence into a fun place for kids and informative place for parents.


A recent visual update and new packaging design led to us helping the Attack A Snak team launch a brand new responsive digital presence for the brand.

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