The largest online seller of contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses in the UK

Since: 2012

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We were approached back in 2012 by VisionDirect under their original incarnation of

Our first task was to modernise the existing brand and website to bring them more in line with the current eCommerce sites of the day. We worked really closely with the marketing team at and forged a great working partnership the team and company over the coming months working on the various projects.

Shortly after completion of these projects acquired the VisionDirect brand and Elevate was again chosen to work on the consolidation of both brands and in turn to design and develop a better customer experience for a wider market.

This project was a full reworking of two existing brands and needed to ensure that current consumers would not feel alienated by any of the new design improvements. We needed to show the natural evolution of the current brands as well as the evolution of the eCommerce site visually and technically.

 “An exponential growth of brand awareness in multiple European markets.”

We started off gathering all our previous learning’s from our work with the original company brand, highlight what were the weaknesses and strengths to bring forward from the two existing brands. Where there was overlap and what could be discarded or consolidated into the new brand proposition.

What we ended up with was a clean, simple and identifiable brand mark that emphasised a medical colour palette and cleaner and softer visualisation of the company name that used the Gotham Rounded font family. These softer edges of the font family combined with the new brand mark represented the new core values of VisionDirect – Speed, Trust, and Simplicity.

Once the new identity was signed off we then applied these new assets to create a set of accompanying printed materials from stationary suites, delivery packaging, apparel, merchandise and online marketing materials all the way to the interior design of the new offices to ensure brand continuity through every facet of the business.

In conjunction with the above work, our team was also rolling their sleeves up to tackle the challenge of designing a new responsive eCommerce site that would again emphasise the new brand but also introduce the core values to the VisionDirect customer base.

  • Speed – The site had to be fast and available on accessible on regardless of device
  • Trust – The new site instil trust on the customer base by being transparent about product range and pricing
  • Simple – Above all the site had to be simple to use, ensuring a greater conversion rate all on all devices and territories.

We worked closely with VisionDirect’s in-house marketing and developments teams to create a responsive eCommerce that accomplished all of the above and more.

A particularly large amount of time was spent on the product, shopping cart and checkout pages user journey as unlike most conventional eCommerce site the product range for VisionDirect consisted of multiple variable products. This meant that we needed to completely re-design how users were previously shown this information and how they would interact with it.

We ultimately found the solution that enabled us to have a product page template layout that would not only accommodate a number of variable product attributes but also move from desktop to tablet to mobile seamlessly offering the user the same intuitive pages regardless of device.

Our team also worked with the in-house developers to work on a solution for a one-page checkout system that originally was 4-5 page process on older legacy versions of the sites.

These two changes ultimately upped revenue and conversions significantly and the responsive site as a whole drove revenue up for VisionDirect as now the site was more accessible to busy people on the go.

We continue to work closely with VisionDirect on this ever expanding and interesting market of online contact lenses.


Create a new brand that instilled the core values of the company.

A new website that reflects the positioning and ethos of the new brand and echoes the innovative, design-led thinking of the company.

Design of a new responsive eCommerce site that would integrate with an already existing Magento system.

Elegant and understated design to reinforce brand image

Flexible and attractive product catalogue

Optimised user experience across both desktop and mobile devices

Improve usability issues that are preventing the site achieving optimal conversion

Improve experience for mobile users offering a consistently rich experience regardless of device

A rich, engaging and consistent user experience across all devices/countries

Design and production of offline and online marketing materials.

Packaging design and development for multiple logistical delivery materials.

Stationary suites, reports, packaging, apparel, and merchandise.


Seamless integration of the backend system

An exponential growth of brand awareness in multiple European markets.

Improved conversion rate and increased revenue across all propositions

75% growth in monthly mobile sales.

Complete overhaul of the User Dashboard resulting 40% increase in re-orders.

Elegant and engaging interface and interactive design

Clean, fresh, stylish look

Great customer feedback and fantastic press.

Intuitive presentation of contact lenses variables

Streamlined checkout process

Intelligent cross-selling integration

Converting visitors to buyers and increased traffic

Fully responsive layout for a consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile

An online brand presence in-line with the core ethos of the company


We’ve been working along side the Cheestrings team for the last 4 years helping the grow and develop their online presence into a fun place for kids and informative place for parents.

Attack A Snak

A recent visual update and new packaging design led to us helping the Attack A Snak team launch a brand new responsive digital presence for the brand.

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