The favourite cheese snack among children in the UK and Ireland.

Client: Cheestrings
Since: 2013

Brand Development, UX/UI, Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Consulting, Production Partner, Print

Cheestrings first approached us to help them create a new European hub for their existing euro-territory sites and one that could accommodate for the addition of new sites that would be launched ad-hoc in the coming months and years as the brand grew into new countries and territories.

We provided a WordPress solution that would allow for the addition of new territories with minimal overhead, whilst also allowing for granular control over each territory sub-site – giving each of them the flexibility they need to operate independently while continuing to keep in line with the larger brand. An important feature is the ability to easily manage multiple languages for each territory.

“An efficient and scalable solution for multi-lingual and multi-site management”

Using ongoing analytics and behaviour metrics, we have used and looped this information back into design and development to ensure the sites are always achieving the users’ & Cheestrings’ needs and goals.

Cheestrings have launched roughly 2 – 4 promotions and games per year, cross market and across different formats (always tying back into the website). We’ve factored this into the build and been an active partner throughout each one of these promotions. Whether its building full campaigns ground up, or collaborating with 3rd parties such as Universal Music, Nickleodeon and Sony Pictures, we’ve helped ensure successful launches of each of these across multiple territories.

One of the most recent – the Music Maker – which tied in with a free song download with Universal Music and TV campaign – pushed the boundaries of what can be done in the browser. Using the latest HTML 5 audio technologies, we created an interactive game where children can create a song within their browser, by toggling different sounds and patterns for different parts of song. The game can be played on all modern desktop browsers and tablets. Children can record their songs and play back their creations to friends and family.


An online presence reflects the brand and its product range

Optimised and consistent user experience across all devices/countries

Multisite content and copy management, including translations

Integration of GEOIP for redirecting traffic and serving content based on country/region

Granular control of content and design for each territory

An easy-to-use content management system tailored for needs of the team

Creative and development for promotional campaigns

Use of advanced web technologies for interactivity and game development

Development of browser based games (HTML/JS)

Management and acquisition of hosting & domains

Analytics & user behaviour reporting

Support, maintenance & security management


Successful launch of 5 territory sites

Additional 6 sites added since 2013

A visual and interactive design

Successful launch of 6 cross market campaigns

Easy to manage CMS

Increased traffic

Fully responsive website

An online brand presence in-line with the core ethos of the company

Built-in tools for internationalisation


We’ve been working along side the Cheestrings team for the last 4 years helping the grow and develop their online presence into a fun place for kids and informative place for parents.

Attack A Snak

A recent visual update and new packaging design led to us helping the Attack A Snak team launch a brand new responsive digital presence for the brand.

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